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No meetings for 2 weeks

From the Prez:

Dear BWC,
As usual for holidays, we will not be meeting Labour Day Monday, Sept 4, 2017.
We also will not be meeting this Monday, August 28, 2017 as many will be away on vacation.
Enjoy your summer days and get inspired.
Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, September 11, 2017.
Thanks 🙂


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Word Up December 8,2016


Hey, everybody! Join us for Word Up’s next event @ Unity Market Cafe & Studios. We’ll start at the usual 7 pm and feature one or two guest authors, followed by the ever-popular and always inspiring open mic. Guest readers for this month are Tracy L. Ward & Barrie Doyle.

barriedoyleBarrie Doyle – Born in Wales, Barrie is a former journalist, public relations consultant, college professor, broadcaster and freelance writer. He served with major publications in Canada and the United States before sharing his media expertise as a consultant, training corporate executives and Christian ministry leaders. Barrie trained many budding public relations professionals as a professor at one of Canada’s most prestigious media studies programmes in Toronto. He has lived in Virginia, California and Pennsylvania as well as Great Britain and Canada where he now lives on the beautiful blue water shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario.

He is an enthusiastic traveller, constantly thinking how to bring his latest travel discovery to life as a location in his next story. From Venice to Istanbul and many parts of Western Europe, he has also explored most corners of the United States. Many of these places will become prominent in the three books of the Oak Grove Conspiracies. Apart from travel his eclectic range of interests varies from history and politics to theology and bagpipes and transportation to hockey.

tracylwardTracy L. Ward is the Amazon best-selling author behind the Marshall House mysteries, a morgue mystery series set in Victorian London where surgeon Dr. Peter Ainsley solves crimes using early forensic science. The fifth instalment in the series, Prayers for the Dying, was released May 2016 and debuted at #11 for historical-mysteries on Kindle. Tracy lives in Midhurst with her husband, two teenagers and an intellectually challenged cocker-spaniel named Watson.

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“Show Don’t Tell” Workshop – November 27, 2016

Inkslingers is hosting a workshop this Sunday on Show vs. Tell at the Barrie Ontario Travel Information Centre in the Meeting Room. Cost is from $75-95 + tax depending on other memberships and you’ll need to register. According to the post:

The day will cover “showing” rather than “telling” in several different forms:

  • dialogue
  • description
  • plotting
  • subtext

as well as identifying those opportunities in your writing when telling is actually more appropriate than showing.

Click here for more info and to register:

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40 #Holiday #WritingPrompts For Everyone! :)

Holiday Writing Prompts 🙂


40 Holiday Writing Prompts For Everyone:

  1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas:
    -Describe how the Grinch changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.
    -How would you help the Grinch if you were a Who in Who-ville?
  2. A Christmas Carol:
    -Describe how Ebenezer Scrooge changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.
    -How would you help Ebenezer?
  3. Write a Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa acrostic poem
  4. Rudolph’s nose was green!
  5. The gingerbread man jumped out of the oven and…
  6. Write about a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa memory.
  7. Off in the distance, I heard the sound of sleigh bells…
  8. Off in the distance, I saw the flickering light of candles…
  9. Describe your most entertaining Dreidel playing experience.
  10. Write about one of your family’s holiday traditions. Describe it in detail, tell how you feel about it, and what this tradition means to you.
  11. Write…

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