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January Society of the Spoken Word Event



The Society of the Spoken Word will meet Tuesday January 29, 2013 from 9-11 pm at the Second Cup in downtown Barrie. This first hour will feature Dead Poet or Writer’s. The second hour will be open-mic as usual. From the Facebook event page:

I have decided that this month will be the second round of our Dead Poets theme. However, rather than limiting it to poetry, I am opening it up to prose as well.Please show up with either:1) Up to five poems by one or some of your favorite Dead Poets 


2) Up to 5 pages of prose from one of your favorite Dead Authors
to read for our crowd! Pick from your favorites! Anything that moved you, or that you felt really said something important is fine. Please note that the “up to five poems” thing includes a 5 pages total caveat. No bringing 5 epics to read. We will not have enough time

I am hoping we get a good turnout for this, as the last one was a huge success.

See you all on Tuesday at 9!

PS: Please feel free to bring your own work, as we will still hold an open-mic at the tail end of the event.

Grab your poetry, or favourite dead author and come out and read!

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The Barrie Writer's Club meets every Monday evening from 6:30pm - 9pm at Grace United Church in Barrie, Ontario.

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