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Short Story Prompts


Here are some prompts for possible stories. Thanks to Roseann for sharing:

  1. He had seen her many times in his nightmares. She wasn’t as scary in person but he knew what she was capable of.
  2. Was it a twitch or did he just wink at her? She didn’t know whether to be flattered or outraged.
  3. The pitter-patter of little feet in the hall normally woke her each morning. Today it was the absence of it.
  4. “Keep the damn dog,” she hissed, dragging her luggage out the door. “He requires too much attention, just like you!”
  5. “The only thing I hate about finger food is when they forget to remove the fingernails and rings.”
  6. The drugs weren’t working the way they should. Everything was spinning. He read the prescription label. Who was Lizzie Walker?
  7. Each tick of the clock was another second of sleep lost. She’s given him everything and he’d taken it plus more. Where was he?
  8. He watched Robbie playing with his toys on the floor. How a three year old could kill his mother was beyond him, but he had.

Some are dark, some are funny. Hopefully they inspire you to write if you happen to be short on ideas.

Author: Barrie Writer's Club

The Barrie Writer's Club meets every Monday evening from 6:30pm - 9pm at Grace United Church in Barrie, Ontario.

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