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From BWC member Sara Cadman:

Hi folks! I thought I’d leave some of the writing prompts I came across from with their automated prompter thingy hehe :) What about one of these prompts to work on for next week? Here goes:


~The biopsy of a swollen gland reveals an extraordinary medical diagnosis.

~Write a mystery story using a ferret as a key witness or an important component in the plot.

~A woman travels from galaxy to galaxy to find a planet where males have never dominated females.

~You accidentally step into a territory where a cult is awaiting the return of an alien species, and they think you are…

~The washing machine said it wanted to be a mobile phone.

~A computer hacker falls in love with one of his victims, a company head who is a young, beautiful heiress.

~A person addicted to failure starts another seemingly doomed project, but this time…

~An SOS note on a Tim Horton’s [original: Dunkin’ Donuts] napkin makes a detective visit several doughnut stores to solve a possible crime.

~Pick any classic novel. Take any of the least seen/used characters in the book and expand the story from their point of view.

~Space pirates kidnap the ruling bodies of every nation on earth.

~All you wanted was a bottle of water, but instead you’re witnessing a holdup.

~A dire warning about the end of the world appears on a computer screen during your Internet search for Nostradamus.

~You find yourself in a parallel universe and on earth where the Roman Empire, with all its power, has made it to the 21st century.

Last but not least an interesting prompt to re-imagine and re-fabricate this well-known internet-meme story, this prompt based on an actual ad:

~You answer an ad that reads: “Wanted someone to travel back in time with me. Must have own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. Call…”

***Originally this ad was posted in the September/October 1997 issue of Backwoods Home Magazine by one of the magazines editors. It was written as a joke and to fill space in the magazine’s classified section. The original ad as it appeared was:

WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me.
This is not a joke. P.O. Box 322, Oakview, CA 93022.
You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own
weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this
once before.

This spawned the 2012 American comedy film, “Safety Not Guaranteed”, that starred: Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Kristen Bell.

John Silveira, “The time-ravel ad.” John Silveira, 2010.
September/October 2010.

Good luck and write on! :)

Hopefully, there is something here for everyone. Thanks Sara!

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