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A New Logotype for The Barrie Writers Club


I needed some time away from writing over the last few days; to do something in a different realm of creative artistry…Simply writing a story through the use words wasn’t doing it for me so I decided to imagine what The Barrie Writers Club would look like as a beautiful representation of our shared history and our members. So I created a graphic representation of us, a logo – One that encompasses both our heritage and perseverance with our written artistic workmanship, as well as our future lexicon we will create together.

You are all welcome to save and/or copy, distribute and use this logo however you choose. It’s created with royalty free images and fonts for the Barrie Writers Club as well as for your own personal usage. You may use it for letterhead, on this website-blog itself, or perhaps even on your own website and/or blog.

Here’s to our ever unfolding written adventure and the future of sharing our creative and insightful words to better ourselves as the writers we are destined to become. Write on!

The Barrue Writers Club Logo

The Barrie Writers Club Logo.
Our city, our heritage and our future unwritten.


I write and do graphic art stuff*.

4 thoughts on “A New Logotype for The Barrie Writers Club

  1. How refreshing and wise to use the water at our side. Great artwork, how long would that have taken you in say, ’68? Cute C’20 reflections, no apps, no android, no MacPeesee. iPause to applaud you. Superb.

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