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Sara’s Writing Prompts

Why hello there! So, have you all been busy writing and gathering your stories for the anthology? No…?!

The submission due date is quickly approaching, July 29th 2013 to be exact. Here’s some more prompts to get your brain out of the confined box of thought drudgery and unleash that ink onto the page. Likewise for generation Techno: Start clacking your fingers across those keyboards, or swiping them across your iPhone’s and iPad’s, get busy, y’all!


  • You are elected the mayor of a town you are visiting, but you don’t know the language spoken there.
  • If you could undo one thing you did in the last year, what would it be and why?
  • An alien invites you to dinner.
  • You pull down the mask of a robber only to reveal he’s a good friend of yours…
  • A homeless man on a park bench is awakened by an angel.
  • Why would they ask you to bring a dozen boxes of rubber bands!?
  • It doesn’t matter whether the chicken or egg came first because…
  • Your airplane lands and when you disembark, you realize you’re not at your intended destination.
  • Instead of landing the space shuttle on earth, the captain steers the shuttle into…
  • The person you’re most compatible with turns out to be a robot.
  • It’s a package deal? What if I just want the package without the deal, or the deal without the package?
  • A painting hung in your bedroom has been in the same spot for years but today when you awoke you notice the painting is hanging upside down.
  • You thought you’d enrolled in a Yoga class at the YMCA, but during the first session you find it’s a class for something else…
  • While ice-fishing on the lake Simcoe, a man catches something other than a fish.
  • You’re shocked when your new E-Reader receives messages from alien civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • While giving you your change, the cashier also hands you…
  • You take a wrong turn when driving through a foreign country. What happens next?
  • Write about 3 different people who find 3 different things in 3 different places on 3 different days.
  • Discover a relationship between seemingly different things or concepts, then write about it. For example:
    How is friendship like a baseball game? How are mathematics and music alike or even reciprocal?
    How is the violin similar to the physics of Einstein, and why did he enjoy playing one?
    How can you tie these words together: age, card, and mark?
    What is similar and/or different between: a poem, a novel, a painting and a flower?
    And what about these edibles: potatoes, turnips, and tomatoes?
    Tell us by writing it out and perhaps doing some research about it!

Writing prompts from iPhone App by With an added reinterpretation at the end, from an organization (that shall remain nameless!) in their quest to quell humanity’s ignorance, solely to pump up their own inflated egos…All without realizing their own redundancy and that of Terman – I know, just as confusing as they pretend to be – Write on! And never give up…! 😉



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