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Sara’s Writing Prompts

Hello fellow BWC Writers!

I hope you’ve all had an excellent week scribbling in your notebooks – Have you written a piece that you will be sharing with us on Monday night for a critique? No?! Not too worry! I come bearing writing prompts.   The due date for submissions for the Barrie Writers Club 2nd anthology is approaching quickly – 15 more days left to hand in submissions by July 29th 2013.

Don’t over think it. Breathe and know that you canTake an inky plunge into the blank pages before you and just write.  Really, it’s just that easy.

“As for goals, I don’t set myself those anymore. I’m not one of these ‘I must have achieved this and that by next year’ kind of writers. I take things as they come and find that patience and persistence tend to win out in the end.”
Paul Kane


Writing Prompts:


  • But the butter wouldn’t stick to the bread…
  • A new neighbour in your apartment building is a vampire.  What will they sink their teeth into next?
  • After noticing the kitty picture as your desktop wallpaper, your cat becomes jealous of your computer.
  • How did all this cake get in my hair?
  • You are in the audience, when the lead singer forgets the lyrics. You are the only other person who knows them. What happens next?
  • You go to donate blood, but something goes terribly wrong…
  • I couldn’t find the glue, so I…
  • You see bullet holes in the promotional poster of your new business.
  • Every morning at sunrise, the sun shone through the church window to reveal a message.
  • At a state dinner, a political cartoonist spills ketchup on the vice-president.
  • At an auction, you place a bid on a strange object and win the bid. What is this mysterious object and what secrets does it have?
  • In the airplane, you hear the pilot announce he’s running out of fuel, and…(Strangely enough this one actually did happen to me coming back from Heathrow airport to Pearson.  We ended up having to land at Montréal’s Mirabel Airport…This airline has now gone defunct – Thank God!)
  • A cat and dog duo decides to play a prank on a pesky neighbourhood raccoon.
  • A journalist discovers the whereabouts of a wealthy family’s only heir who was abducted years ago.
  • A woman you have never met before tells you: “Your life depends on what’s inside my purse.”
  • Your new hot tub looks like a spaceship.  It has buttons, lights and other gadgets, oh and it can fly!
  • An animal in the pet shop where you work has some supernatural powers.
  • The lead singer in a traveling band gives away top security secrets to the enemy through the songs he sings.
  • A vacuum cleaner is invented that generates life from dust…
  • The copier wasn’t working again and I was on my last nerve when suddenly…
  • The computer screeched and the screen turned blue when he hit the submit button.
  • Pick a random person that you know and use their name for an acrostic.
  • Researching the quantum origins of consciousness, you discover you can alter and extend time…
  • A homeless man can see the future, but no one believes him.

All writing prompts were obtained using’s  iPhone App and also at their website, thanks!

Good luck and write on!


Next Thursday will be posted the second part of  the research information article.  Have a look for it under “From The Trenches…” link to the right of your screen.  Feel free to comment, ask questions or add your own suggestions.  Or even make a request for anything that you want to understand more about from Generation Enigma er Techno 😉 I’m learning too, so we may as well learn and stumble together!

Also: I will be attempting to make a Screen cast video on how to save, format and attach your writing submissions to email then submit these documents successfully.  Fingers crossed* I will be testing it out on my blog first.  Hopefully, I will not injure my blog in the process.  If you should hear a cacophonous boom from next door, RUN! Or refer my former blog to the appropriate committee, the Darwin Awards…KIDDING! 😉


I write and do graphic art stuff*.

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