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No, I didn’t just swear at you! 😉 But this week has a notoriously bad day in it…A day with ominous bias attached to it, Friday the 13th!  Wait! Don’t run away in horror yet!  I have writing prompts for you to scribble away this superstition into oblivion – well at least until the next Friday the 13th December 2013.

That will leave you free to worry about whether or not The Mayan Long Calendar was miscalculated by scholars and the actual impending date of doom for the Mayan Apocalypse will occur on December 21st 2013 (instead of the previously proposed December 21st 2012).  AAAAH! Kidding! 😛

But just to be sure, make sure you have plenty of Mole sauce and Cocoa beans on hand for sacrificial offerings to Quetzalcoatl. Have fun and Write on!  🙂


Week of September 7th – 14th 2013.

  1. You go to a hairstylist to get a new ‘do, and you tell them that you trust them. Well, your trust bought you a fluorescent green Mohawk!
  2. Write about your first memories of a bad or even lucky day on Friday the 13th.
  3. I thought it was a skateboard!
  4. I had nothing to lose, so I…
  5. Why did the postman cross the road?
  6. Write a story or poem about a broken promise.
  7. It was like nothing had ever happened. Tom didn’t remember a thing and I was off the hook, or so I thought.
  8. Write a story that includes the following: “Our faithful vehicle chose that moment to run out of gas.”
  9. “Attitude is everything”, she told me.
  10. I watched them go on and on for hours. Just when I thought, they were going to stop, on they went again, until finally…
  11. A mouse and a mole were sitting in a hole when along comes a troll…
  12. When Arthur lifts the cover off the trash can…
  13. While digging a new flowerbed, your neighbor finds a bone that looks suspiciously like a human femur.
  14. You’ve taken your first trip to an intergalactic dance club from your colony on Mars, tell us about your boogie/clubbing adventure!
  15. In a lab somewhere, chemists formulate the perfect formula to finally…
  16. The smell of roasting meat wafted out of the restaurant as he dug through the dumpster in the back.
  17. “So you don’t remember the man in a black trench coat, even though the video recorded you ringing him up?” Father Damien Karras SJ wasn’t buying it. Duh-duh-DUUUH! *insert creepy Friday the 13th Film Noir/Horror plot mash-up here* 😉
  18. Combine two animals to form a new species. Write about an adventure had by a baby animal of that new species…
  19. While writing in a dark forest, cowering behind a tall oak tree…
  20. Sorry, but swimmers are not allowed to…
  21. You receive a package in the mail. There is no return address. Inside is a large pair of clown shoes filled with jelly beans.
  22. An old man finds a coin that reminds him of a special day from his youth.
  23. Write a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper or a local MP about an issue that’s important to you. (it can be satire if you wish)
  24. I was reading a writing prompt on when suddenly… 😉

All lovely writing prompts were gathered from‘s prompt machine!  With a few tweaks here and there from me.  Enjoy!



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