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Unleashed Ink 2, Official Website for the upcoming book!

Unleashed Ink 2

Barrie Writers’ Club 2nd Anthology, it’s that time again!

Barrie Writers’ Club is venturing into the journey of working on our next anthology, Unleashed Ink II. This is an opportunity to walk through the steps of writing, critiquing, editing, accepting critiques, making changes and receiving a publishing credit.


Each PAID member for the Barrie Writers’ Club will be able to submit up to three stories ranging from 250-3000 words maximum plus 2 poems with a max of 24 lines each. Postcard submissions will be accepted. A guideline sheet with standard format detail will follow and needs to be adhered to.

Please send to: barriewriters at gmail dot com

Submission Deadline:

Please send submissions anywhere between August 1st and Sept 15th, 2015. Late submissions will not be accepted. Once the stories are received, Evie and myself will go through and divide submissions into groups for editing teams.



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I write and do graphic art stuff*.

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