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Active Vs. Passive Voice And Other Amazing Writing Tips!

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Active Vs. Passive Voice And Other Amazing Writing Tips!

Unleashed Ink 2

Going off Aaron’s lead on the Barrie Writers’ Club Website with his repost about Active and Passive Voice in storytelling, I decided to track down some more examples of excellent writing tips.  And seeing as you’re probably very busy writing and editing your stories plus poetry for the Unleashed Ink 2 book, I thought I’d add some more resources in both YouTube videos and written resources online here also.

The first video is from UBC (University of British Columbia) on: Active And Passive Voice:

They have also created a Wiki resource with this same information here:

Grammar and Style/Active vs. Passive Voice

Active vs. Passive Voice/Pre-Class Activities/Version 2

Another great YouTube Video is: How to Write better – Writing Tips on Voice, Tense, Perspective, Cliché and Wordiness

The differences between the Active and Passive Voice: Grammar Lesson – Active and Passive Voice Explained

Another quick but insightful video series…

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