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Narrative Voice In Fiction: Part 2, Point Of View & The Basics Of Deep POV


So I collected a number of videos about Narrative POV (Point Of View) from YouTube and also found some resources for Deep Narrative POV too.

Things to keep in mind when using Deep Narrative POV:

  1. The narrative removes the author from the story and creates intimacy; the character becomes the storyteller. The author’s voice becomes silent.
  2. The author never tells the character’s thoughts, feelings nor actions, this is left up to the reader to discern from showing these behaviors.
  3. Remove adverbs, such as ly words, this creates distance between the reader and the author. The author is then too visible.
  4. Also remember that writing in First Person Narrative doesn’t also constitute Deep Narrative POV, this can also be achieved using Third Person Narrative too.

In Deep Narrative POV also remember to remove:

  • All dialogue tags, such as: he/she/they said.
  • All sense verbs, “describe the sense itself”.
  • Never write what the character cannot see for themselves. Also the character cannot remark on their own facial expressions either, unless looking into a mirror to view themselves.
  • Remove all thinking verbs. Immerse the reader within the character’s thoughts.
  • Remove any writing that contains emotional naming, show the characters actions; this creates yet more intimacy again and removes the author from the storytelling also.
  • Never name the character in the action either. The character would never name themselves when completing an action.
  • Give the “evidence not the verdict”, the readers from your writing should be able to discern the verdict, you shouldn’t have to tell them.

Resources And Guides For Deep Narrative POV (Point Of View):

Deep POV: What’s So Deep About it?
Diving Into Deep Point Of View
Emotional Depth For Deep Point Of View
Trouble Shooting Deep POV and Voice

More YouTube Videos Of Narrative POV (Point Of View):

Writing with Jane: Point of View

Narrative Point of View

Point of View (POV) – The Book Editor Show Episode 001

POV: Point of View

Enjoy and Write On!




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