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Canadian Authors Association March Meeting

Info about CAA’s March meeting from Jessica Purdy:

Hello everyone,
It’s almost that time again for our monthly branch meeting.  We are looking forward to having our first crime writer up to talk to the Leacock/Simcoe group.  Crime novelist and screenwriter, John McFetridge, will talk about the crime writing genre in Canada as well as what it takes to write mystery and crime into your novel.
Our Writers Helping Writers segment this month will focus on writing your second draft and having the perseverance to keep going.
Please note that this month the meeting will take place on the last Wednesday of the month, the 25th, rather than the Thursday.  It is a temporary change and meeting dates will go back to the last Thursday of the month in April.
Please see the attached poster for details.
Jessica Purdy
CAA Leacock/Simcoe
Program Coordinator
John McFetridge Poster pdf-page-001

Canadian Authors’ Association January Meeting

Tom Earle Poster pdf

Jessica Purdy, the Program Coordinator for the Leacock/Simcoe branch of the CAA, would like you to know that there’s:

Only one week until our first meeting of 2015! Come out and hear local author Tom Earle talk about his road to publication with a major Canadian publishing house and his unconventional writing process.
And you don’t want to miss our Writers Helping Writers segment.  We’re talking about setting, how to choose yours and make it work.
See the poster with all of the details.  Send it along to those who may be interested.
See you there!
The CAA is another great resource for writers in our area to take advantage of and learn from.

Canadian Authors’ Association November Meeting


Writers Helping Writers

From the Canadian Authors’ Association in Orillia:
It’s less than one week until our November branch meeting featuring Craig Pyette, senior editor at Random House/Penguin Canada.
He will be talking about the only rule that matters when it comes to getting published.  There will also be a question period which means you get the opportunity to pick the brain of an editor, not something that happens very often so don’t miss it!
Tell your friends, family, neighbours about this great opportunity.
Thursday, November 27th at 121 Mississaga St. East.
Doors open at 6pm, meeting starts promptly at 6:30pm.

Canadian Authors’ Association – Thursday September 25, 2014

CAA September

This month’s CAA meeting features Giller nominated author Anthony De Sa. The event takes place from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in Orillia @ 121 Missisauga Street East.

More info from the CAA:

Come out to our monthly meeting this Thursday September 25! 6:30 pm Brewery Bay down by the bay room! We are adding a new feature! Writers helping writers! This month’s theme: Inspiration!

Canadian Authors Association: Writing Group, Meeting.

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Canadian Authors Association:
Writing Group

Meeting on Thursday July 24th, 2014.
Down by the Bay, beside Brewery Bay
From 6pm – 9pm

Yes this is free to attend,
No membership requirement.

If you need a ride or are already carpooling with Roseann,
Be aware that she must leave Barrie earlier at 5pm,
As she and Jeanette are facilitating this group,

121 Mississauga St. East, in Orillia, ON, Canada.
For Google Maps directions and location:

Click Here

Down by the Bay & Brewery Bay, restaurant, beside the Mariposa Market Orillia, ON

Down by the Bay & Brewery Bay, restaurants, beside the Mariposa Market
Orillia, ON


Canadian Authors Association
Writers Helping Writers
Since 1975.


~Sara @LunaElektraSMC

CAA Meetings Update

Hello everybody,

Writers Helping Writers

I just wanted to remind you of our January meeting which is taking place this Thursday at 6:30pm at 121 Mississaga St.  Our guest speaker is Erotic Romance writer Kaenar Langford.  She will give us tips and tricks for incorporating sex into our writing and there will be a workshop component to practice your steamy skills. All of this is just in time for our Erotic Poetry/Prose Writing Contest which is open to members and non-members, please visit the link for more information, .
We are also offering a great deal at our upcoming meeting.  If you sign  up and pay for one or both of the workshops that we are offering on February 1st and 2nd you will receive a 15% discount on the entire workshop price.  Please see the attached poster for more information on the workshops or visit our website at, .
Please contact me if you have any questions about the above mentioned events.  We are also asking that if you’re able to please register for this Thursday’s meeting as there is a workshop component and it will help us to know numbers.
Jessica Purdy
CAA Leacock/Simcoe
Program Coordinator

CAA February Meetings

Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers

Hello everybody,
We just wanted to let you know about the great workshops that we are offering the first weekend of February.  Both workshops will be facilitated by award winning fiction writer and poet, Gwynn Scheltema.  The first workshop will be on Saturday February the 1st and is all about helping writers with their taxes, teaching you what you can claim before you’ve even started making money from your writing.  The second workshop will be held on Sunday, February the 2nd and is titled, Pump Up the Pen, how to raise the energy level in your writing.  Both workshops will run from 10am to 3:30pm and will be held at Down by the Bay at 121 Mississaga St. in Orillia.
You can sign up for just one of the workshops for the regular price of $50 for members and $75 for non-members, or sign up for both and receive a $20 total discount.  You can secure your spot with a deposit at our website,  Attached is the poster with all of the information.
Also save the date of Friday, February 14th for a CAA Leacock/Simcoe special event, Erotic Fiction and Decadent Desserts Night.  The perfect Valentine’s outing, come on your own or as a couple.  More details to come……..
Jessica Purdy
CAA Leacock/Simcoe
Program Coordinator


Terrifying Writing Prompts for the CAA Open Mic Fright Night!

Happy Hallo-SCREAM Writing Prompts! ah-HA-HA-ahh!

Happy Hallo-SCREAM Writing Prompts! ah-HA-HA-ahh!

BooOOo! A list of horrific writing prompts to devilishly draw out your inner ghastly writing ghoul for the CAA Halloween Open Mic Fright Night! Enjoy and HAPPY HALLO-SCREAM!

  1. You realize someone is watching you from the other side of a mirror hanging in your hotel room…
  2. A farmer grows the biggest pumpkin in the world!
  3. You emptied your basement freezer and found a/an…
  4. You notice liver spots on an elderly woman/man who is sitting next to you on the subway. Her/his spots appear to multiply every time the subway stops to let passengers board or disembark!
  5. You notice your co-workers slowly becoming more lethargic and disconnected from their work, they are becoming more and more like robots every day, why?!
  6. After you fix your analog TV antenna on the roof, you start receiving messages on your TV from the great beyond…
  7. Moonlighting as a vampires’ assistant proves to be too much for a mere mortal…
  8. A furious snowstorm brings two sworn enemies into close contact when they end up stranded in an abandoned cabin deep in the woods of an eerie forest…
  9. The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived! Use the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse to write about how you and other dystopian residents on earth will prepare and survive this event!
  10. A newly installed home security system proves to be too intelligent at detecting what it perceives as “danger”…
  11. As a Taxi driver, you often take strange people home after a night of drunken debauchery but this time a passenger, a frail, ghostly looking child with black eyes (and sclera’s) climbs into the backseat of your cab after you have turned off your meter…
  12. Two very peculiar children with deep green (or any color you wish for substitution) complexions appear in a village. As a journalist, you are dispatched to report on this strange event. What do you discover? Use the legend of The Green Children of Woolpit as your reference.
  13. “It won’t be long now,” said the witch/warlock. However, it appeared as though the potion had taken far too long to…
  14. Use any (or all) of these occult symbols in a spooky poem or story: A Sigillum Dei; An Ankh; A Pentacle; A Rosy Cross; A Nazar and/or An Evil Eye.
  15. In a hall of mirrors where each mirror reflects a character trait, you see yourself as you really are…
  16. As the Gypsy peered into the crystal ball, the foggy glass cleared and an image came into view of…
  17. Pick one of your favourite Horror authors and use their name for an eerie acrostic, poem or story. A small list of Horror/Suspense-Thriller/Sci-Fi and Odd Sci-Fi authors:
  18. An animal in the pet shop where you work has some supernatural powers.
  19. Write about an app on your iPhone that can alter reality…
  20. How did all this candy corn get stuck in my hair?
  21. A homeless man can see the future, but no one believes him.
  22. After a getting a flu shot, you develop two additional pairs of arms and legs…
  23. Two Blood/Hunter’s moons rise over a darkened, abandoned graveyard…
  24. You buy a shirt. When you take it home and try to wear it, you find that it screams if it thinks it does not match your jeans.
  25. Write about an ancient Roma Gypsy curse…
  26. You unearth the lost texts of an infamous Occult leader…
  27. A Feng shui consultant puts a curse on you after you prove him wrong.
  28. Villagers awake to find that a strange well has appeared in the center of their town.
  29. Suddenly the song “Monster Mash” came on at the elementary school Halloween dance, that’s when I noticed…
  30. A basket floats down a stream; lodging on a rock in front of a child who runs crying to his parents about the contents, inside there was a/an…
  31. During a lunar eclipse, you find a glowing rock in your backyard…
  32. A new neighbor in your apartment building is a vampire.
  33. Your digital camera has images on it that you didn’t take of…
  34. You fall in love with a sorcerer, who changes you into anything he/she wants, until you…
  35. A violinist suspects that a ghost is hiding inside the antique Stradivarius he recently purchased.
  36. A new employee in a toy store finds a supernatural Barbie doll.

~Spooky Sara. Have fun and write on! All prompts sourced from and Hatch’s Plot Bank with some spooktacularly garish tweaks for Halloween from me  >;)