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To contact The Barrie Writers’ Club please use the following information:


or get in touch with former President Marilyn Lamb:


Alternatively, you are welcome to attend a meeting, but please read our guidelines beforehand.


20 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. My 9 year old daughter loves to write. Do you have or are you aware of any programs for kids? Thanks so much. Shannon.

  2. I am an aspiring author and I saw a post about your club at Rivendell bookstore. I am curious about what your members write about. I mainly write Fantasy, and a little Sci-Fi, is that something that fits with your club? Do your members write only certain genres, or is it a collection of genres? Any insight you could give me would be most appreciated.

    • Hi Greg! We’re a pretty diverse crowd, IMHO. I think we have a few Memoir and Autobiographical writers; a few Vampire genre novelists; a semi-historical Romance/Sci-Fi/Time-Travel novelist; a few Sci-Fi writers (myself included with a few short pieces); general writers of short-stories, prose and poetry; And even those with experience writing scripts and plays to even journalist-type writers with articles for magazines and newspapers, along with online content. We have a writer who does both graphic novels/new comic type media for online and novella type writing. And even a full-fledged Artist who teaches and writes Sci-Fi and does both mediums fantastically.

      I think we’re as unique as each our writing pieces are and we come from all walks of life – from those who have educational backgrounds specifically in English to Teachers and students alike (18+ years old) from both college and university and even those with very little formal education. There’s Artists and Athletes, Business Entrepreneurs and those who just write as a hobby – but all of us have one goal in mind: to become the best writers we can possibly be.

      Some of us are working towards becoming published and some of us have already even been published. So we learn from sharing constructive criticism through our critiques and by participating in various workshops. The workshops are either presented by our own experienced club members or through other learned writers and teachers such as by: Brian Henry, Bruce Meyer, Poet Laureate of Barrie and even mentors and authors from the Canadian Authors Association. All of us are fairly prolific readers of both fiction and nonfiction which helps us quite a bit with our writing.

      As the well-worn clichΓ© goes: variety is the spice of life. We like variety and we encourage diversity in people and what they choose to write. If you’re interested in coming out to one of our meetings, check out the information posted on our website here for locations, times and dates. You’re more than welcome to come to our meetings for up to three visits free! Then you can get a taste of what we do and if this is the club for you. After that we do charge a very small fee of $20-25 for a yearly membership fee. But the work we do through sharing and learning from each other is invaluable and probably worth much more than a measly twenty bucks πŸ˜‰ Hope to see you soon!


  3. I am a shift worker and therefore unable to commit to attending meetings more than twice a month at most.
    I love to write and this club sounds like a perfect match for me. Is sporadic attendance discouraged?
    Thank you for your time,

    • Hi Kim! Absolutely. Many members/regulars don’t or are often unable to attend every meeting. Whether for personal or work reasons, how and when you attend is completely up to you. We get it, life happens and our meetings are rarely (if ever!) mandatory.

      As I mentioned to the previous poster Greg, the first three meetings are free then we ask for a $20-25 yearly membership fee. But in my experience with the club so far (with the ad hoc/executives) they’re extremely flexible if members need leniency regarding club dues and they are most certainly very accommodating of personal/individual life circumstances too.

      There’s no issues with being able to only attend a few meetings per month. You’re more than welcome to come out to a meeting to see how we function and what we do. Our guidelines for meetings are on the widget to the sidebar on your right. Hope to see you soon! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for the reply! That’s brilliant – the membership fee is more than reasonable and I look forward to coming to a meeting in a few weeks! Thanks again and take care! πŸ™‚

    • No problem, hope to see you soon. Just a reminder: the first Monday of every month we meet at The Barrie Public Library (downtown location) in the Angus-Ross room. And every Monday thereafter at Grace United Church in the east end near the Georgian College campus. Our meetings go from 6:30pm to 9:00pm excluding all holidays, there are no meetings then. πŸ™‚

  5. Hello,
    Looking to discover poetry workshops or groups in Barrie…. I want to encourage my mom to connect with her creative self. She has a book full of poems she wrote that she hasn’t shared outside of family and friends….any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi, if she came out to one of our meetings I’m sure it would suit her needs. Our meetings are 6:30pm at Grace United Church every Monday night. Often the Barrie Writers’ Club do small workshops and are connected to both the Canadian Authors Association who hosts many writing workshops throughout the year too. They also have several connections to many professional teachers/profs/writers within Simcoe and York region that offer these workshops, such as with Brian Henry and Dr. Bruce Meyer etc. I encourage you to explore our website thoroughly and see what you discover. You may be pleasantly surprised. On a personal note: They’re a great group of people that attend BWC; all VERY knowledgeable, competent and amazing writers too πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks Sara
    I will see about bringing my mom on a Monday night!

  7. Hello, I heard about this group and it sounds wonderful, would I be able to drop in Monday to see if I like it before I pay a membership fee?

  8. Hey Sara. Your part of my group for the editing. Can you please get in touch with me? Our first rounds are due back to authors this week. Can you let me know if you received the stories I sent for your feedback. And where do we send your stories for your next round of edits?

  9. Hello, I heard from a friend about your club. I definitely would be interested in joining you on your meeting night. I live in Innisfil, I am very excited that there is a venue nearby to share with like-minded individuals.

    I write historical romance novels, in the period of 1800s western America. I have one novel complete and I am working on two others.

    Is there anyone in your club that does proofreading? I am looking for someone to proofread my novels, so I can prepare my manuscript for publication and (cross fingers) to get published. I have published my novel on Smashwords in e-book format and have sold one copy.

    Thank you, Fiona.

    • Hi Fiona! Yes. That’s basically we what we do there, share, critique and learn from each other. Please do come out for one of our meetings and bring your manuscript with you! Look forward to meeting you πŸ™‚

  10. Hi! I have not written anything since I was very young- but am looking to get back into it. Would you suggest your group? Or do you have other/better suggestions for me, seeing as it has been some time. I have written for University courses etc. but not simply fiction in a long time.

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