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Supernatural and Sci-Fi Writing Prompts

Supernatural - Sci-Fi Writing Prompts

Supernatural and Sci-Fi Writing Prompts

Week of December 1st – 8th, 2013.

  1. Write a creative nonfiction story about the first time you met your invisible childhood friend. Didn’t have an invisible childhood friend? Write a fictional account or write about someone else who did have one.
  2. Yellow and blue make green so that must mean that in an alternate reality red and blue make…
  3. While at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, you see a man, dressed as Jessica Alba’s character Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) from the move Fantastic Four running full speed towards a brick wall yelling, “But I’m invisible!” in a high-pitched squeaky voice…What happens next?
  4. Seven of Nine was late, again. She was always late. As the door opened, she walked out of her cortical node from recharging and…
  5. An intergalactic detective and his dog communicate telepathically while trying to stop the criminals from taking over cyber pet food industry.
  6. A teenager looking through his telescope discovers a new comet – but this time it is even bigger than Comet ISON and it doesn’t miss the sun, oh no! What happens next?
  7. Pick a random location on a star map (or pick a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy or the Andromeda Galaxy) and write about it. Imagine what life is like on this other planet or star.
  8. William Shatner (or Gene Roddenberry) is more important than Carl Sagan because…
  9. A Klingon, A Vulcan and a Human walk onto the bridge of the USS Enterprise when Captain Kirk says, “Beam me up, Scotty“…
  10. A love triangle between an alien, a scientist and a human changes the world, as we know it…
  11. Turn on the local weather forecast and imagine the current conditions taken to supernatural extreme. Write a short story or poem about it.
  12. Go to Google News. Pick the worst or the most shocking news headline available. Read the article to become familiar with the issue(s) presented. Rewrite the bad news (or shocking headline) from a positive perspective and make it quite fantastical…
  13. While on vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland, you decide to take a tour of the mansion previously owned by children’s author J.K. Rowling in Merchiston. While on the tour, you open a closet door in the front foyer and magically you are transported to the village of Hogsmeade from her Harry Potter novels! Write a story about your adventure.
  14. Include the following word-terms in a story: the duck test; a rubber duck; a skein of yarn; a flock of geese; quackery. But include characters from the television series, the Fringe.
  15. You wake up one morning to find you can only walk sideways, like a crab.
  16. You are invited to appear as a guest on the Montel Williams Show – You suspect it has something to do with your recently acquired abilities to forecast the future like his psychic guru Sylvia Browne
  17. In the cosmetic research labs at L’Oreal Paris in Aulnay, France, scientists and chemists formulate the perfect formula to finally…
  18. Write a love poem from the perspective of a space pirate ship captain writing to the woman he loves back on earth.
  19. Inside No Frills grocery store, you watch people mysteriously disappear into a freezer that contains Captain High Liner Frozen Fish Sticks
  20. A streetcar full of people vanishes right before your eyes on a crowded downtown street in Toronto.
  21. You work at an online tabloid magazine. One morning when you check your email, you find you have received a very strange email from an anonymous source with a short video attached. The video is of a prominent, local politician consumed by a plume of smoke while discussing earth’s imminent takeover by an alien invasion…
  22. After you miss answering a call on your cell phone, you see that you have received a voice mail message. When you play it back, you hear a very agitated, eerie and disembodied voice mixed in with white noise yelling out the 80’s billboard slogan (created by artist Keith Harring), “Crack is whack!” repeatedly…
  23. A couple takes a helicopter ride to a remote island in the south pacific for a romantic dinner but end up being trapped on the island in the midst of an oncoming supernatural Typhoon
  24. A teenager discovers a virus lurking on a computer in a high school that could destroy the Internet, as we know it!
  25. “Happy New Year!” he (or she) screamed. “2022 is going to be a great year… with your help, of course!”
  26. In Vulcan, Alberta, a hostile stranger with pointy ears stops you on main street demanding directions to the nearest spaceship-landing zone?! What do you do or say to them?