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Society of the Spoken Word Event: Tonight! 28/09/2013

Society of the Spoken Word - Event tonight, downtown Barrie @Casa Cappucino 28/09/2013  8 - 10:30 PM

Society of the Spoken Word – Event tonight, downtown Barrie @Casa Cappuccino 28/09/2013
8 PM – 10:30 PM

Tonight there is a  Society of the Spoken Word event at Casa Cappuccino in downtown Barrie.  This event is part of the official Carnegie Days Festival 2013 from the MacLaren Art Centre.
The lineup includes:
The second half of the evening is open mic.  Feel free to share your poetry or prose, so come on down!  The theme is Fall, but you can read anything.

91 Dunlop St E  Barrie, ON L4M 1A6
8 PM – 10:30 PM

~Information provided by club member Leslie G.


Sara’s Writing Prompts

Hello fellow writing aficionados!

I have a slew of new writing prompts to ignite the fire in your brain and to finally put that pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard…!)

Remember, that the BWC Anthology Book Publication is still receiving submissions.  The editors and executive staff would love to receive your submission for story (or poetry/prose) from YOU, the members of BWC!

I know, I’ve been struggling with getting my stories and written things together but I’ll submit something if you plan to as well…? 😉

So, are you ready to take a chance and write something fantastic?  You will never know unless you begin to scribble!  Remember:  The anxiety about starting something is often worse than the finished product itself.  Let’s Write!


Write about geography. Pick a random place on a map and write about it. If you haven’t been there, imagine what it would be like.

A six-year old who has trouble with long words is chosen the king for an island nation.

Make up a creative reason for missing a deadline at work/school/etc.

Animals are pretty darned smart. Can’t say the same for a lot of people.

Write a small autobiography from the perspective of being a famous star/starlet  or rock/pop singer.  How fantastic is this persons’ life and what have they struggled with?

Write a sensational tabloid piece about an invented rock or pop band; try to promote their musical style and their personalities.  It could be satirical and humorous in nature or it could a puff piece on this band.

You just got the best job in the world: walking a famous person’s dog! – Who’s this famous person and can their dog really behave on his/her walks?  What’s this dog like?

An unstable scientist keeps cloning cats and eventually changes their DNA. What are these mutant cats capable of?!

You’re cleaning out your closet and find a worn bible, you had forsaken the Lord…Yet when you touch it, the Lord speaks..

Scribbled on the back of a bookmark, he/she read the most interesting thing…

After Doomsday/the Apocalypse, you bio-engineer a new kind of human being.

While exploring a cave, a geologist finds a stone that is not of this earth.

While you’re having coffee at Starbucks, a strange woman pulls up a chair next to you and says, “You must write my life story,” and…

The object you buy from a weird antique store makes you live in an earlier time.

Your camera card has a photo on it that you didn’t take of someone and you’ve never seen before this person before…

Someone you have never met suddenly punches you!  Why?!

After a walk on the beach you return to your spot to find a red rose carefully placed in your beach chair.

Someone stops you on the street and tells you that you have to give them your shoelaces, it’s very important!

Each room in a strange house gives a different supernatural power to anyone who falls asleep in it.

You are a guest at a wedding and two family members start an argument during the ceremony.

You mistakenly enter a room through a door marked “For Authorized Personnel Only“.

Write a letter from the happiest person in the world~! ;D

An overzealous librarian, while chasing after an unreturned book, gets mixed up in an international intrigue.

Write a short dialogue between two political candidates about an issue you care absolutely nothing about.

Prompts from and their Prompt app for iPhone with a few extras I added in – Have fun and Write on!