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YouTube: I stumbled upon these helpful writing videos

10. C - Wild Tiger Lily - Innisfil, Ontario, Canada July 2014. (SM CADMAN)

So I was wandering through the dearth of documentaries and How-To videos on YouTube and I happened to come across these writing tips and Vlogs by Ellen Brock.  Usually I haven’t been able to find many high-quality visuals for writing tutorials and often find most lack decent explanations, examples and tips. If you’re like me, and struggle with a particular issue in your writing (mine is info dumping and too much telling) you may want to follow her for some very excellent information on how to improve your writing skills. You can find her here on WP at: Ellen Brock Editing and on Twitter at @EllenMBrock.

Here are some of my favorite videos I’ve found thus far from her to help you along with your writing 🙂

Enjoy and Write On!